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Dear Trainer/Coach,

We’re not going to pull any punches here. We’ve worked tirelessly to become part of an elite group of personal trainers that gets results and transforms our clients’ lives like nobody else can…

And, now we’ve dedicated our lives to helping YOU do the same.

Take a moment and answer this question…

Are you the BEST trainer in your area for your niche? Really, the very BEST?

  • If you answered, “YES!”that’s fantastic! Hang tight for a minute…
  • If you answered, “no :-(” that’s OK, so long as you can answer to this next question…

Do you want to be?

  • If you answered, “YES!” to that question then stick with us.
  • If you answered, “no” than don’t waste your time. The rest of this information just isn’t for you.

OK, back to our “YES!” trainers & coaches.

Like you, we’re always working to become better at our craft. In fact, in the last year we’ve attended over 30 (yes THIRTY) conferences to learn from and mastermind with the best educators and fellow trainers in our field. Some would say that’s excessive; we’d say it’s absolutely necessary, and we’ll probably attend more in the next year…

Anyway, if you answered YES to one of the questions above, YOU GET IT. You’re always looking for tools and resources that will take your training skills to the next level, right?

Well, today I’m going to tell you, we’ve put together a training system that you’re just going to LOVE!

Introducing SGT Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation is a multi-faceted resource, which can be used in many situations. Not only is this a resource used to “re-build” your clients movements, but Building a Foundation is also a program to help “build” better athletes as well.

Essentially it is rebuilding the human body by rebuilding the patterns that we naturally developed as babies. Smart Group Training, along with many others, have had great success by building a solid foundation from which our clients can perform from the ground up, just like we developed in the first place.

Lets look at a few of the ways that this program will be useful in your training program.

Clients with all 1′s on the FMS or Issues on a Movement Screen:

This program is amazing when you find yourself with a client that has all 1′s on the FMS or someone with multiple movement compensations or dysfunction. The Building a Foundation Program walks you step by step through the FMS Hierarchy, which is based on developmental positions.

Simply put, while we take you through developmental positions such as supine, prone, rolling, crawling, kneeling, and standing, we are also taking you through Active Straight Leg Raise, Shoulder Mobility, Rotary Stability, Trunk Stability Push up, and so on.

The key is to make sure that your client has proper posture and breathing in each position. This is better explained in the in services include in this resource.

Just start at the top of the list and program the movements that your clients can do in good posture with good breathing. You may be surprised at the compensations that you see when put your clients in perfect form and ask them to take a breath in certain positions during that movement. If they can’t control a movement in this program while exhaling, they are not ready to move on.

To Build Your Corrective Exercise Toolbox:

Your clients don’t have to have all 1′s for you to need great corrective exercises. Whenever you are stuck, or need some ideas on how to fix a pattern, this can be a great resource to pull from. Just find the position or movement they are not proficient in and start building from the position until they master breathing and posture in each position.

When You Have No Screen at All:

Some situations are hard to get screens. That’s ok, if you start your clients at ground zero in the first session. You really don’t need a screen to walk your clients through these positions over the first few sessions to find out where they are deficient and build from there. Worse case scenario, they do some low level exercises they may not need. Most of the time however, building into harder workouts by following these developmental patterns and movements makes for a great ramp up and assessment at the same time. When you find a position they can’t control posture and breathing, you know where to begin your corrective strategy or training program.

Clients that are in Pain:

After getting clearance from a PT or Chiro, these exercises are a great way to start training clients that are in pain in conjunction with your clinician’s recommendations. Find out what they can and can’t do, and reference this resource for a wealth of great exercises that rarely provoke pain, depending on the clients needs.

Elderly Clients:

Ever wanting some good stuff to use with your elderly population? Fall prevention is HUGE and this program is great for that. If they can get on the floor at all, this is a great program to build durability and confidence in basic movement.

Movement Prep for Athletes or High Level Fitness Clients:

These exercises are great for warm-ups and movement prep. Just pick a few exercises from each category and you have a great warm-up that builds from the ground up. Feel free to build in some of these movements into circuits or tri-sets as well to keep great movement integrity throughout a more hardcore training session.

Elderly Clients:

Building a Foundation will help your clients achieve their true potential. Some of your clients may be striving to add an additional 100#’s to their already solid deadlift, bench, or squat. The exercises and programming you can use from Building a Foundation will not only help your jacked up clients…it can help push your elite level clients and athletes to new potentials.

We’ve spent countless hours working with high level athletes, and incorporating some of this within their programming has shown dramatic improvements after hitting a plateau. We’ve taken athletes that were stuck with pulling a 400# deadlift to 500+. We’ve also had some athletes that couldn’t dunk to save their life slamming the ball with authority.

It all boils down to building a base to work from. If there are energy leaks within the body, there will be a loss of power output. However, if we fix those energy leaks and allow a smooth flow of force production…the athletes are now able to achieve their true potential and smash through plateaus.

SGT Building a Foundation

WILL Give You the Knowledge & Resources You Need to Be the Best Trainer in Your Area – Without Question!

SGT Building a Foundation is hands down a training resource every top-level personal trainer or coach must have in their library, and because we’re so dedicated to helping good trainers become great trainers we’re NOT going to charge they typical $299.95 or $199.95 fee a program like this sells for online…

Instead, we’re going to give you SGT Building a Foundation for only $99.95 – about the price of 1-2 private training sessions, 2-4 semi-private training sessions, or a ½ month of a typical group training membership. In other words, recouping your investment is a non-issue, right?

Take a look at everything you get with SGT Building a Foundation:

  • 48 specific exercises designed to build the foundation necessary for optimal performance
  • Two 30 minute in-services teaching you how to apply this product with a variety of clients
  • An action plan to make implementation a breeze
And, as if that price wasn’t already low enough, to celebrate the release of SGT Foundations, we’re cutting the price in HALF this week…

Get Instant Access to Today for ONLY $99.95

**This is a downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped.

You may be wondering,

“If SGT Building a Foundation is so good and every trainer/coach should have it, then why is it so cheap?”

That’s a fair question. Smart Group Training with Bells is part of a series of educational products that we want to make available to you at an extremely low cost to help expand your exercise knowledge and improve your training skills. Being continuing education “junkies” ourselves, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with great education that’s easily affordable; something we’re truly excited about!

When we started Smart Group Training we made the commitment to help good trainers get great. We never want finances to get in the way of a truly dedicated trainer. We remember what that was like – IT SUCKS!

If you’ve read this far, we know you’re committed to your craft. You want to be the best trainer in your area and keep on getting better. For that, we applaud you.

Making a program like SGT Building a Foundation available to dedicated trainers like you helps us make the fitness industry a more respected space to be in.

By the way, in case you’re still not sure, we’ve put our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on SGT Building a Foundation so there’s absolutely ZERO RISK on your part…

Test drive SGT Building A Foundation for the next 30 days with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how effective of a coach you can be using our proven Smart Group Training systems. You are completely protected by our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

Get Instant Access to Today for ONLY $99.95

**This is a downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your craft and dedication to helping your clients. We truly appreciate you.

Train Smart!

P.S. – SGT Foundations is a system that can be used with any and every client on your roster. It’s literally become the “foundation” of all of the programming in our gyms.

P.P.S. – We’re committed to helping you become the BEST trainer/coach in your area. Check out SGT Building a Foundation with NO RISK on your part TODAY!

Get Instant Access to Today for ONLY $99.95

**This is a downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped.